Ephedra Species

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Cultivation tips

Ephedra species
1.) Press seeds point down into a well draining seed starter mix (Seed starter mix with added perlite or coarse sand)
2.) Carefully water the soil being sure to not disturb the seeds
3.) Place the planter in a humidity dome (One can be created using clear plastic bags or with empty two litter bottles)
4.) Keep environment humid and warm
5.) Place in a bright area, filtered light (Ensure the soil temperature maintains a minimum of 65 degrees fahrenheit)
6.) Vent every 3 days. Germination begins in approximately 2 weeks with stragglers up to 1 month

Ephedra species are prone to damping off disease.  It is recommended to use distilled water and a sterilized soil mix in order to prevent the young seedlings from dying due to damping off disease.